Free Software

I said "goodbye" to M$ Windows and (most) proprietary software a while ago. I am now running Debian-Linux on my computer, and I am mainly using:

  • KDE as my desktop
  • OpenOffice as Office application
  • Scribus for Desktop publishing
  • and Debian on my nice little Zaurus SL C3200 (which has been retired by now)
  • and a lot of other stuff...

... and actually it is more fun than using M$ Windows...

Gnucash now with MySQL backend option

Gnucash, the open source accounting software, is working on the next stable 2.4 release, which will include the option to store the accounting data in a MySQL, Postgres, or Sqlite database.
As usual, testing of releases is important. As I'm using Gnucash at home and at work, I built debian testing packages of Gnucash-2.3.17 for i386 and amd64.
Please note that now I changed dependency to guile-1.8.


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