Free Software

I said "goodbye" to M$ Windows and (most) proprietary software a while ago. I am now running Debian-Linux on my computer, and I am mainly using:

  • KDE as my desktop
  • OpenOffice as Office application
  • Scribus for Desktop publishing
  • and Debian on my nice little Zaurus SL C3200 (which has been retired by now)
  • and a lot of other stuff...

... and actually it is more fun than using M$ Windows...

Liberating my HTC Desire S

Last year in September, I got myself a HTC Desire S on Orange UK. While I was very happy with the phone, right from the beginning I was very annoyed with all the stuff that was installed on it - partly by HTC, and partly by Orange - and which I couldn't uninstall. HTC Sense had some nice aspects, but I didn't need HTC's version of the Facebook app in addition to Facebook's app, especially after I said goodbye to Facebook.


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