Free Software

I said "goodbye" to M$ Windows and (most) proprietary software a while ago. I am now running Debian-Linux on my computer, and I am mainly using:

  • KDE as my desktop
  • OpenOffice as Office application
  • Scribus for Desktop publishing
  • and Debian on my nice little Zaurus SL C3200 (which has been retired by now)
  • and a lot of other stuff...

... and actually it is more fun than using M$ Windows...

Synchronising your Android contacts and calendar with KDE and/or Thunderbird without Google

I have been avoiding using a Google account with my Android phone pretty much since I got it, and re-installed my HTC Desire S with Cyanogenmod a while ago. All this worked perfectly, but until recently I had problems syncing my contacts or calendar with my computer (which runs Debian Sid with a KDE desktop). But finally I was able to solve this last problem, since KolabDroid was released on F-Droid.


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