Puno – Juliaca

Today I started the first part of my trip to Cusco – probably six days of cycling. The first day was a short one – 45km from Puno to Juliaca. Leaving Puno, I first had to climb up to get over a pass, but with a nice view over Puno and Lake Titicaca.

I went downhill again, and once I was at the level of the lake again the road went through the altiplano, without any ups and downs, basically up to Juliaca. I arrived at Juliaca without taking a break at more or less 11:30am. I went to the main square, and looked for accommodation nearby. At the hotel they didn't yet have a room ready, and so I had to wait. I went to take a coffee and eat a sandwich, and then went back to the hotel to take a shower.

Juliaca is a town which doesn't really cater much for tourists, but there is some industry and other kinds of businesses. The main square isn't really anything special – it's more functional. I'm not going to do much here – I'm going to spend the night here, and tomorrow I'm setting off again.