Lake Titicaca – Copacabana

While my racks for my bicycle are on the way from London to La Paz (I hope so) I went to Copacabana on the lake Titicaca – by bus. I left La Paz at 7:30am – the bus did pick me up at the hotel – and after a few hours we arrived to the village of Tiquina, where the lake is very narrow, to cross over the lake to the other side. We had to get off the bus and cross with a small boat, while the bus was transferred to the other side with a special kind of ferry...

We continued by bus, and after a while we arrived to Copacabana. I unloaded my bike from the bus, and looked for accommodation nearby – with a nice view of the lake.
Clearly Copacabana is very touristy, but I felt a bit like at a Mediterranean beach resort – besides the altitude of 3800m. There are bars and restaurants near the like, and yesterday was a sunny day, and so it was quite hot (during the day). I had lunch in a restaurant near the lake, and later went on top of a hill near Copacabana – I don't remember the name of the hill. The path started near a church, and there were 14 stations of the cross along the way – which didn't really interest me as an atheist. But the view from the hill was incredible.

I went down again, and had a walk through Copacabana. Later I had another walk, and went to have dinner – this time not vegetarian, but trout from the lake. At night it was much colder, and it wasn't really possible to sit outside – unfortunately. This is quite different from the Mediterranean, because of the altitude of lake Titicaca... but anyway.