This morning I crossed the border to Bolivia. I did this with a backpacker from Japan, who I met in the hostel in La Quiaca. We went to the border in the morning, and there wasn't any queue, and the formalities were few – an exit stamp from Argentina, and a form and an entry stamp from Bolivia – and soon we were in Villazon in Bolivia. We walked together up to the main square, and it was different from Argentina – much more chaotic, with a lot more street vendors on the pavement. We changed money, and I tried to buy a local SIM from Entel for my mobile, but initially without success.

At the main square of Villazon we parted – he went to the terminal to take a bus to Tupiza, and I walked a little through Villazon, and later went to the hotel on the main square of Villazon – probably the best hotel in town, but I only paid 80 bolivianos (£8) for the room (with private bathroom and breakfast included).

I rested a little (from what?), and had another walk through Villazon, to try again to get a SIM card. Finally, I managed to buy a SIM card from Entel, and it works (!), but I couldn't yet find the configuration for internet access. Neither could I find an internet café where internet was working...

I had lunch (also cheap – 36 bolivianos for a lunch and a beer – less than £4), and walked a little more through Villazon.

I didn't do much on the day. The idea was to give my legs a rest, for the 92km from Villazon to Tupiza. And that I did.