San Salvador de Jujuy to Purmamarca

Last night we had a thunderstorm, and when I woke up this morning it was still raining. Luckily not that heavily, and so I decided to leave San Salvador de Jujuy. I had breakfast in a café near the hostel, and then I left. I took the northern exit of jujuy to get to the RN9, and the road went up almost all the time. After more or less 30km the road climbed up to more than 2000m, and a little later I arrived to Volcán a small village where I had a break and had a lemonade. The rain had stopped shortly before Volcán, but it was still very cloudy.

After Volcán the road climbed less. I passed through Tumbaya and shortly after I got to the junction with the road to Purmamarca, which is 3km off the RN9. I climbed up the 3km to Purmamarca, which is on an altitude of 2192m. I looked for and found accommodation, had a shower and rested a little.


Then I had a walk through Purmamarca, a very small village, but also clearly quite touristy. There are lots of cafés, restaurants, and hotels/pensions, and stalls and shops with handicraft. But then, the village and the scenery are clearly also very beautiful. I had a humita and some cheese empanadas in a café, which had a wonderful view from the terrace.

I went back to my accommodation to rest a little and write. There is no Wifi, so I don't know when I can update my blog.


In the afternoon I went for another walk, initially to look for a café with Wifi, which I didn't find – luckily. But I did find some excellent views ...