Yesterday I arrived to Salta, after a trip of 88km from La Viña. When I arrived I was pretty tired and hungry, and I first ate a salad and some cheese empanadas in a restaurant at the Plaza 9 de Julio in the centre of the town. Then I went to a hostel nearby to rest a little.

In the afternoon I had a walk through the centre of Salta. Near the main square are a lot of buildings in colonial style, and also lots of restaurants and cafés. For dinner I ate a cheese omelette and chips. Then I returned to the hostel, and talked a little with another traveller from England until I went to bed.

Today I could sleep a little longer, and in the morning I had another walk, and I tried to get up to the cerro (hill) San Bernado, but the cable car did cost 45 pesos (£6-7), and I didn't want to pay that. So I went back to the hostel, and went in search of a new inner tube for my bicycle – without success. That's not a problem, as I have another one as reserve, but it means that they are not easy to get … and probably even less so in Bolivia.

I had a humita for lunch at the municipal market, and went back to the hostel again, to spend the siesta hours at the hostel and investigate a bit the options for getting to San Salvador de Jujuy, which is a bit more than 90km from Salta – with some climbs in between. There isn't really anything in the middle, only at about 23km and at 67km from Salta … So far, I haven't decided yet where I'm going to go tomorrow.