Tafí del Valle to Amaicha del Valle

Today I climbed up more – from 2000m to a bit more than 3000m. I went from Tafí del Valle to Amaicha del Valle, a distance of about 56km. The climb started directly in Tafí, and for the first three hours I was just climbing.

The climb was harder than yesterday, and the impressive views were more in my back. After about two hours the road was less curvy, but it continued to climb up until the Abra del Infiernillo, the highest point of the road, at an altitude of a bit more than 3000m.

I did a short break there, and then continued with the cycling down to Amaicha del Valle. But shortly after the road – which had been pretty good up to the summit – continued in a much worse state – without hard shoulder, and although with tarmac, the tarmac was in a pretty bad state. Also, the landscape changed a lot.

I went down for about two hours not very fast, because of the state of the road. Going down was pretty hard on the bicycle and on my hands, but in the end I arrived to Amaicha del Valle. There were lots of people in the main square, because of the Fiesta de la Pachamama, a more traditional and indigenous version of carnival.

I went to the hostel Pacha Cuty, where there was only space for my sleeping bag on the floor, also because of the Fiesta.