Recreo to Frías

Today was a pretty hot day – 41ºC. I left from Recreo at 6:30am, when the temperature was already 26ºC. I was a bit tired from the 120km of the day before, and so I was much slower. I arrived at San Antonio – more or less in the middle between Recreo and Frías, about 36km from Recreo – at about 8:45am, and stopped to have a lemonade. I didn't really do a long break, as I wanted to get to Frías before mid-day.
I did the next 16km to Quirós in a little more than one hour, but in Quirós I couldn't see anything along the road, and so I continued until Frías, stopping from time to time in the shade of a tree to drink some water.
I arrived at Frías a little before 11:30am, and the first thing I did was to drink two lemonades in a café next to the main square. When I arrived, it had about 36ºC – in the shade. Later I looked for a hotel, which I found nearby.
I rested a bit, took a shower, and went to have lunch somewhere – again pizza. I was pretty tired (and it was extremely hot), and so I returned to the hotel to have a siesta.
I'm not yet sure if I will stay another day in Frías. There is nothing to do or see in Frías, but I need a rest day, and until Tucumán it is at least three more days.