Córdoba to Alta Gracia

Today I left Córdoba and went to Alta Gracia, where Ernesto Che Guevara lived during his youth. The way there was hard – not because of the distance, because that was only 38km, but because the way was mostly almost on a motorway.
When I arrived to Alta Gracia, I first went to the town centre and had a coffee and a lemonade near the main square. I then went to a hostel, but they did not have any space available, and so I went to a campsite in the local park. I put up my tent, and went to the “Museo del 'Che'”.
At first, the entrance fee was a bit of a shock – 75 pesos for foreigners, which is more than GBP10. And really, the museum is not worth it. The museum is in the house where Che lived for several years of his youth with his parents. It has mainly photos, and some things of Che, including another model of the motorbike and his bicycle, both of which he used for his travels. But 75 pesos for this …? I can't recommend that.
After the museum, I went again to the centre to get some lunch, and also to read and write some emails. Later, I will go back to the camping, and on the way there do some shopping for dinner.