Las Varillas to Villa del Rosario

The idea was to do a short day. And so I left from Las Varillas more or less at 7:30am, as I thought I would only cycle up to Sacanta – about 40km. I arrived at Sacanto after a little more than two hours – before 10am in the morning.

The road was good – there was little traffic, and few HGVs. The scenery was the same as it has been for days – fields, fields, and more fields, and everything very flat.

When I arrived to Sacanta, I had a break in a parrilla, and had some coffee and mineral water. I the end I left and looked at one of the hotels, which was closed. It was still very early – about 10:30am – and so I decided to leave and to cycle up to Villa del Rosario – about 50km more.

I took more breaks on these 50km – in Calchín I had some lemonade at a service station, and I did the same in Lugue. I arrived to Villa del Rosario at about 1pm, and saw a comedor/restaurant on the side of the Ruta 13, where I stopped and ate a salad and mashed potatoes.

I had seen a sign “camping” when I entered Villa del Rosario, and so I asked the people from the comedor, and they gave me some directions to the camping. I left, and in the centre of the town I again asked to youth, who then accompanied me on their moped to the entrance of the camping site.

The camping is very quiet, and is on the shore of the Rio Segundo (I think that's the river). I put up my tent, and now I'm relaxing and writing in the shade of some trees on the river shore. I did 90km in the end – but luckily, because I much more prefer camping, certainly much more than staying in a hotel.

I met a few people, and although we didn't talk much, this is a much more open space than a hotel, and it is much easier to meet and talk to people.