Dolores to Mercedes

Dolores to Mercedes was a short trip – just a little under 40km – so I took it easy. Nevertheless, I got up early again, and had some nice breakfast at the hotel, and set off at about 8:30am, again fully loaded with in total 3.5l of water (of which this time I used less than 0.75l).

I set off from Dolores on Ruta 21, and this time there were no clouds, so it was much hotter. The wind helped a bit to cool me down, but the sun did burn much stronger, even that early in the morning. As I knew I had a short trip, I took it easy. The road went a lot through agricultural land – partly wheat, partly other crop – and I had the feeling the gentle hills were slightly higher than before. Also, there was more traffic – maybe not in total, but there were more trucks, and I had to get onto the side of the road a bit more often. I was glad I got mirrors on my handlebars in summer, as these allowed me to spot a truck coming from behind when I saw traffic coming from the front – which gave me time to get onto the side of the road early and safely.


I arrived in Mercedes early, at about 11am, as expected. I rested a bit, and then found a nice cafe on the rambla – the riverside, where I had some mineral water and a coffee (and which had Wifi too, so I did some email). I then went to the camping site, which is also on the shore of the Rio Negro, and I found myself a nice place in the shadow of a big tree. I ate my lunch – food I bought the day before – before I set up my tent, and then I went for a quick swim in the Rio Negro, to cool down a little.

Now I am sitting at a table in the shadow, writing emails and this blog post (which I will only be able to send/upload later), and charging my phone and my laptop from my solar charger. There certainly has been no lack of sun on the last few days...



The first version of this blog post said "Rio Uruguay", but Mercedes is on the Rio Negro. Apologies.