Grassroots and Nonprofit Leadership

A Guide for Organizations in Changing Times

This book by a team of authors connected to Training for Change weaves together theory, experience and context to help those in leadership roles deal creatively and concretely with the full range of organisational issues. A practical toolkit, it also clarifies the nature of power and leadership, the stages of social movements, and the social environment in which change organisations exist.

Grassroots and Nonprofit Leadership covers topics such as:

  • building diversity in membership, staff, and board;
  • turning an inactive or overly active board into a valuable resource;
  • improving staff and member morale;
  • supervising staff and volunteers more effectively and humanely;
  • developing creative plans for outreach;
  • banishing boring meetings;
  • planning strategy more dynamically and participatory;
  • turning internal conflicts into creative and productive outcomes;
  • and many more.

Although written clearly from a US perspective, many of the topics can easily be adapted for other contexts.

Year published: 
1 995