Politics are central to my life. I have been an activist since the mid-1980s, and have been involved in a range of social movements and political campaigns.

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Anarchism is often misunderstood as chaos and/or violence. My understanding of anarchism is closely related to nonviolence: it means the organisation of a society without hierarchies, based on mutual respect and the common ownership of the means of production.

Anarchism is not a strict ideology, but rather provides a set of values which guide me in my political thinking and work. Anarchism is not a blueprint for a new society, but rather a vision which can help to create a free society, without hierarchies and exploitation of nature.

Nonviolence and Antimilitarism

Nonviolence is not only a way of life, more importantly, it is a powerful tool for social change. For me, nonviolence is closely linked to my understanding of anarchism. It includes an understanding of power, and the rejection of power over in favour of power with – the power to change the world together with other people.

Nonviolence includes respect for others, and the belief that everyone is able to change.

Nonviolence is closely linked to antimilitarism, the rejection of a system and belief that force and the military can solve any problem.

Nuclear power

If we didn't know it before, then certainly the catastrophic accidents of Chernobyl in 1986 and Fukushima in 2011 should have shown us that nuclear power is not safe, never was, and never will be. Nuclear power stands for the masculine belief that man (!) can control everything, and the blind belief in technology to solve any kind of problem. As such, nuclear power stands for an energy system that is based on centralised power generation and infinite growth, based on the exploitation of natural (and finite) resources.

Fighting against nuclear power includes the fight for a paradigm shift towards a needs based approach to energy, renewable energies and a democratically controlled and community owned energy system.