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Stop New Nuclear – assessment of a nonviolent campaign 2010–2013

The campaign Stop New Nuclear in Britain has to be seen in the wider context of plans for nuclear new build in Britain, and a very decentralised anti-nuclear energy movement in the country.

At the very latest since 2006 the UK government was pushing for the construction of up to ten new nuclear power stations in the country.

Harrisburg, Chernobyl, Fukushima. When do we learn the lessons?

If there is anything to be learnt we will learn it, because safety is our number one concern“, said Energy Secretary Chris Huhne on 14 March, after the horrendous nuclear accident at Fukushima in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami.

We can stop new nuclear – if we want to!

Thoughts on the anti nuclear power movement in Britain

By Andreas Speck

With the re-re-reconsultation on nuclear power, ending in January 2011, and the application for preliminary works for Hinkley Point C, which has been put in recently, the anti nuclear power movement enters into a critical phase. With this text, I'm trying to put together some of my thoughts on the movement, where it is at and what I think might be useful and necessary to do.

Anti-nuclear campaigners blockade EDF's Hinkley Point nuclear power plant

From 6.30am until 10:45am, anti-nuclear campaigners from different anti-nuclear groups which are part of the Stop Nuclear Power Network [1] blockaded the access road to EDF's Hinkley Point nuclear power station in protest against EDF's plans for nuclear new build and what they are calling a flawed consultation.

Clickable nuclear power in Britain map

This is a clickable map of past, present, and planned nuclear power stations in Britain, plus important sites of Britains nuclear weapons programme.

This map is based on OpenStreetMap, and uses OpenLayers for placing of the icons. You can click on an icon to see more information. You can also zoom in and out (see zoombar on the left), or move around on the map.


EPR, an explosive technology

This is the translation of one of the documents the Network “Sortir du nucléaire” (“Phasing out nuclear power”) got from an EDF inside source. It brings an overview of the technical issues hinted to in the other documents and particularly in the set of EDF leak documents.

Presentation on Nuclear New Build in Britain

Flash presentation

Presentation on New Nuclear


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Local Democracy Dumped!

As government ends flawed consultation on nuclear power, anti-nuclear power activists step up resistance and blockade Sizewell nuclear power station in Suffolk, England.

Blockade of Sizewell nuclear power station, 22 February 2010

Germany’s “anti-nuclear” government starts Castor transports again

30,000 police force transport through in Wendland - 5,000 police in Philippsburg two weeks later


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