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Depression and childhood trauma

Here I publish some texts and articles that helped me or were part of my process to deal with my childhood trauma and depression. Some of these texts may be difficult to process, so please be careful.

I publish these texts because they could be useful for others as well, although obviously every person has their own history of trauma and depression.

We are fucked

On climate anxiety and the need to rise up

Without title (post Christmas blues)

I didn't wake up today wanting to kill my parents (nor anyone else). I didn't wake up today wanting to scream all my hate and anger into their faces. Nor have I woken up with this feeling in my chest that something is crushing me. Finally. Merry Christmas!

The last few days have been hard, painful. Christmas blues. Today I see some light at the end of the tunnel. A sunny day. An emotionally calmer day.

Christmas Blues

Christmas. This shitty season. Family. Shit. Every year, Christmas in me triggers a depression, and this year the Christmas depression comes on strong. I usually try to escape, visit friends, and better yet escape to a country without Christmas (i.e., a non-Christian country). This year I haven't done that. Shit.

Looking for: the child that was I

I am looking for a child that has disappeared, and neither an advert in the “looking for” section of a newspaper nor reporting the child as missing with the police will be able to help me.

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