Today, after 17 days of cycling, I arrived to Córdoba. I left early from Villa del Rosario – at about 7:30am – and took the RN13 until Pilar, from where I then took the old RN9 up to Córdoba. From Villa del Rosario to Pilar were about 38km, and another 40km or so from there until Córdoba.

I made a break in Rio Segundo to drink some lemonade, but didn't take any other breaks. I passed through Toledo, and soon after began Córdoba. To enter Córdoba wasn't as bad as I had thought before – the worst was the junction with the motorway, but after that I went all the way along Avenida Sabattini almost up to Plaza San Martín. I arrived at the square a little before 12pm – earlier than I had thought.

I had a lemonade on the square, and then went to the Alvear Hostel, where I am now staying for a few days. I took a shower and then went to a vegetarian restaurant in the pedestrianised area of the centre for lunch.

Buenos Aires/Colonia del Sacramento – Córdoba: a balance

According to Cloudmade I made more or less 1047km in 17 days, including the 3 or 4 rest days. This makes about 62km per day. During these 17 days, the maximum distance I made was 160km – from Villaguay to Paraná. I often did about 80 or 90km.

See larger map.

So far I didn't have any major problems with traffic. But I cannot imagine cycling on the roads of Argentina (and Uruguay) without my mirrors, which are extremely useful to look at the traffic coming from behind.

I also didn't have any bad experiences with people yet – the contrary, I had a lot of good experiences and nice encounters.

So far I did not have any technical problems with my bicycle – no flat tyre, nothing. Everything has worked fine for the first 1000km. I hope the best for the other 7000km...

Up to now, the landscape has been extremely flat. And so it has been easy to cycle. The worst has been the heat, and sometimes the traffic. But this will change.

But – first I'm going to rest a bit, and then I will explore the city of Córdoba a little.