Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay)

Today I went to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. I have been here before - last year, when I went to Uruguay for my holidays - and so I'm not going to do much here. I arrived from Buenos Aires by ferry, also to avoid the motorsways to get out of the city.

I got up early, and went via the ciclovia next to the Avenida del Libertador almost up to the port. I arrived early, and so I had some breakfast in a cafe in the Puerto Madero (which I don't really like - expensive and not that nice - it's for rich people), and then I did the check-in and immigration. Uruguayan immigration also happens in Buenos Aires, so that arrival in Colonia is pretty quick.

On arrival in Colonia I went to a hostel (El Español), which is near the port and the old town. It's quite comfortable and quiet - but I don't know yet what I'm going to say about that after the night.

I rested for some time and then went for a walk through the old town, had a beer somewhere, and finally went for a restaurant for dinner. A day with few activities...



So far, I'm still feeling a bit (or a lot) like on holidays. Tomorrow my cycling trip will really begin - I'm going to cycle to Carmelo, 77km from Colonia. And I hope that then I'm going to get used to be on a journey, and not just on holidays..