Palpa – Ica – Paracas

On Tuesday, 16 April, I continued my way in the direction of the Pacific ocean. On the first day I had to do 100km, mainly through the desert. And so I left very early, to avoid the worst heat of the day. The first 10km were more or less through an oasis, but then there was a climb out of the valley, and then 50km through the desert.

The last 30km were again through an oasis, until I got to Ica, a quite big and noisy city. Luckily I found accommodation near the Plaza de Armas. I didn't do much in Ica – I was pretty tired after 100km.


The following day I again left very early. I had decided not to go to Pisco, but to Paracas, a seaside resort on the Pacific ocean, and pretty laid back. I arrived very early – before 10am – and at first I went to a café near the sea for a second breakfast.

Later I looked for accommodation, and I found the Paracas Backpackers House. The owner, Alberto, is very friendly (the hostel is also very good, and it has a kitchen – paradise for me as a vegetarian). On the beach I again met the group of musicians I had met in Nazca a few days earlier.

I didn't do much – I was pretty tired – and for dinner I prepared myself a salad, and had a beer.


Today I wanted to do a tour to the Islas Ballestas (the Galapagos islands for the poor), but for the weather and the rough sea the tour was cancelled. And so I rested a bit more, and later I went to the beach (or to a café) to have a coffee. And to look at the pelicans which were nearby.