Finally! Yesterday, as I was returning from the Isla del Sol, I received a message from DHL that I need to contact them. Once in Copacabana, I called DHL, and they told me that the parcel is ready, but that I have to pay 557.50 bolivianos (£56)!

Today I woke up at 4:15am, to take the minibus at 5:00am to La Paz. I arrived there at 8:30am, and took a taxi to the central DHL office. I paid the 557.50 bolivianos (including 250 bolivianos to DHL for what I don't know – that's robbery!), and five minutes later I held the parcel in my hands. I left, and went to have breakfast (I hadn't eaten anything before), and then took a taxi to the cemetery area of La Paz, from where the buses for Copacabana leave. I arrived to Copacabana at 3:20pm, and went to my hotel. I brought the bicycle up to my room, took off the broken rack, and mounted the new one. Finally!

Later, I also swapped over the front and back tyres, as the back one clearly was showing much more wear (because of the weight). That means I'm now ready again to get on the road by bike!