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Tucumán to Monteros

Yesterday I had a rest day in Tucumán. In the morning I had a walk through the centre of the city, and I went to the building where they declared Argentina's independence 200 years ago. I had lunch in a Vegetarian restaurant near the hostel. The midday I stayed in the hostel, and I tried to repair my Thermarest mattress, which has a hole that I couldn't find. But it loses air...

In the afternoon I had another walk, and bought a few more patches for my bike – it is always better to have too many patches, rather than not enough.


Today I left a bit later – at 8:00am – to cycle to Monteros, more or less 55km south of Tucumán. In the internet I had seen a lot of accommodation options in Monteros, but in the end there is only one hotel, and that is the most expensive one I have stayed in so far – but not the best. To the contrary, it might be the worst; 160 pesos for a room without air condition and without breakfast! And the room is more like a prison cell.

It is a bit strange that there is only one hotel, because there is a lot of life in Monteros. There are a lot of restaurants and cafés next to the main square, some of them even open during the siesta hours. But no accommodation...


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