Sexually Stigmatized Communities


This results-oriented teaching package provides all materials needed by instructors to conduct workshops, seminars, semester courses, or lectures on sensitivity to sexual orientation. Sexually Stigmatized Communities is a training manual designed primarily as a resource for education to reduce homophobia and heterosexism but is appropriate for any course addressing the stigmatization of certain groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, or gender. Chuck Stewart outlines specific curricula for both general audiences and those with a specific emphasis.

In a convenient loose-leaf notebook format, this comprehensive training manual provides the following tools:

  • Specific recommendations for creating and assessing bias reduction programs along with a convenient checklist
  • Handout materials on approximately 100 primary topics for distribution to students
  • An extensive selection of materials ready to be made into overhead transparencies
  • Over 40 activities, some with reproducible worksheets and concise directions for engaging students in interactive group participation
  • Resources for obtaining additional information and community support

This comprehensive manual provides the trainer or instructor with the resources to compel students to reflect on their feelings, beliefs, and knowledge about sexual and affection orientation and to guide them in resolving internal conflicts and reducing heterosexism Sexually Stigmatized Communities is a timely and powerful tool for helping many sectors of society address the reduction of stigmatization-law enforcement agencies, business and human resource professionals, mental health professionals, secondary and higher education institutions, civic groups, and other organizations will find this material advantageous.

It is a bit dated and also quite often stuck in sexual binaries and lgbt identity politics.

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1 999
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