Resource Manual for a Living Revolution

The Resource Manual for a Living Revolution was and is an invaluable reference and resource book for those working for fundamental social change from a holistic nonviolent perspective. It has been tested and used world-wide by women's, peace, anti-nuclear and environmental groups, community organisers and human rights activists. Icluded are sections on strategising, group dynamics, meeting facilitation, decision-making in groups, conflict resolution, developing communities of support, personal growth, consciousness raising, training, organising, and practical skills. It is filled with hundreds of exercises, agendas, case histories, problem-solving tools, and bibliographies for easy use in ongoing social change struggles.

Familiarly known as the 'Monster Manual', this was the comprehensive sourcebook for English speaking nonviolence trainers in the 1970s and 1980s, produced collectively within the United States by Movement for a New Society.

Year published: 
1 977