From Pacification to Peacebuilding


Does conflict transformation work? Diana Francis reviews its practice over the past twenty years and recognises its many achievements. She argues, however, that it can never get beyond fire-fighting while the institution of global militarism remains in place. Meanwhile the misnamed project of ‘conflict prevention’ seems unrealistic and the discourse of ‘security’ is drowning out more constructive voices for peace. In her new and radical analysis, Francis argues that the dominant culture and dynamics of power, which are inextricably linked with constructions of masculinity and rest on coercion and violence, must be displaced by the principles of interdependence, kindness and nonviolent solidarity, so that pacification can give way to genuine peacebuilding. Francis calls upon her field to embrace and develop the praxis of nonviolent power, rejecting the culture and institution of war and working with movements around the world for global demilitarisation and ‘positive peace’.

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Year published: 
2 010