The Organising Spiral

The “Organising Spiral” is a guide for empowerment, a concept for organising political campaigns, initiatives, or projects, from the very beginning to the implementation of actions. It consists of seven “phases” that follow on from each other, each of them consisting of seven “aspects”. You can imagine it as a rope consisting of seven cords, laid out in a way that it has seven whorls going up. The seven whorls represent the seven phases, which at any time consist of the seven aspect cords.

We chose the image of a spiral, because compared to a circle it has two advantages: it includes the factors learning and time. The first meeting of a group initiates a permanent process of development, which comes to some kind of closure with each activity – the distribution of leaflets, a blockade, an information event – and then begins again, but at a higher level. The process presented below is aimed to support you in working more efficiently towards your objective.

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