Handbook for trainings in Nonviolence and Social Transformation

This handbook is part of the training material on mobilization for change put together by the NOVACT – International Institute for Nonviolent Action. It has been conceived as support for carrying out workshops directed to people actively engaged in the design, organization, and putting forward of campaigns or nonviolent social movements for social justice.

The material combines practical exercises, applicable to the organization of our movements, with theoretical reflections on different aspects that we have highlighted as most relevant for this transformation process. This handbook is just a starting point for reflection and action inside the International Institute for Nonviolent Action, and around issues that normally appear at the core of our movements.

You can download the handbook at https://novact.org/2013/07/handbook-for-trainings-in-nonviolence-and-social-transformation-first-edition/

Year published: 
2 013
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