This page lists some of my main publications.


Nos organizamos para el cambio social. Un pequeño manual del organizing (Spanish)

This little Organizing manual is for all people who are looking for strategies and tactics to make this "something" become a part of a path towards profound social change. The main question of the manual is: How can we organise ourselves better, in order to achieve the profound social changes that are not only desired, but necessary if we want a planet worth living on in the future?

Published by La Transicionera in December 2019

Order the manual (in Spain):

Download manual (PDF) here.


A Conscientious Objector's Guide to the International Human Rights System

This guide updates and expands the publication A Conscientious Objectors Guide to the UN Human Rights System, published jointly by War Resisters' International and the Quaker United Nations Office, Geneva, in 2000, and compiled by Emily Miles. The initial publication was extremely useful in raising awareness about the use of the United Nations human rights system to advance the right to conscientious objection to military service, and to protect conscientious objectors from persecution.

Published by War Resisters' International in 2013

Online at

Download the guide (PDF) here.