Organising for Change

Organising for Change is the title of a seminar mainly focussing on methods for the group’s work. The core of the seminar is the so-called „Organising Spiral“, developed by Umbruch - Education Centre for Nonviolent Change.

The Organising Spiral is a method which enables groups to structure and direct their work in actions and campaigns. Important elements of the Organising Spiral are the analysis of the situation at the beginning, the definition of the goal and the development of a strategy. For all these areas, methods are presented and participants have the possibility to try them.



The Movement Action Plan (MAP) is a model developed by Bill Moyer from the US. He did research on the development of successful social movement and found that there are typically eight stages following each other - from the seemingly „normal times“ in stage I, through the „take off“ of the movement in stage IV eventually up to „success“ in stage VII. Up to success a social movement typically has to go through all the different stages and in every stage different strategic goals are important. For grassroots groups, the MAP can be important to look at the stage of a movement and to develop a strategy for the group’s actions. In MAP trainings, the MAP will either be introduced and used with the concrete situation of the group, or it will be shown with examples from different movements like the peace movement, the feminist movement or the ecology movement.