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About me

Born 1964 in the 'Ruhrpott', I lived for 12 years in London, where I was part of the staff of War Resisters' International, the international network of pacifist organisations founded in 1921, from May 2001 until December 2012. I then embarked on a six months cycling trip, and am presently looking forward to new challenges. Right now, I'm living in the Pumarejo neighbourhood of the city of Sevilla in Spain. I am part of La Transicionera, and I am also involved with the Moneda Social Puma, the social centre Casa Grande Pumarejo and the Red Antimilitarista y Noviolenta de Andalucia (R.A.N.A.).

With this Homepage I give some information about myself, my work, and things that seem to be of interest to me - on the next page you'll find a list of themes. You will realise that the English and the German version of this homepage are not identical - for the simple reason that many articles were published in only one language, but some were published in even more languages. You will always find a link to other languages under each article.

For a few year now I define myself as genderqueer, and recently I managed to get a passport that no longer defines me neither as man nor as woman.

I hope you find this website of interest.


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