Two days in Cusco

For two days I'm now in Cusco. As I wrote before, Cusco is an extremely touristy city – too touristy. But I didn't do much of this.


Yesterday I went to the Museo Inka, which has a lot of archaeological artefacts of the time of the Incas and of pre-Inca cultures. I'm not really a museum person, and it didn't impress me very much – for me there was information missing on the lives of poorer people and on social history. But well, the visit was a bit a preparation for my visit to Machu Picchu on Friday. And at least they had an impressive model of Machu Picchu and of other archaeological sites near Cusco.

The more interesting thing is to walk through the streets of the centre of Cusco to to watch the people and the tourists. The historical centre is quite large – some blocks – and there are lots of old walls from the times of the Incas on top of which the Spanish built their colonial buildings and churches.

In the evening we went for dinner to a vegetarian restaurant, where we are very well.


Today we went to the ChocoMuseo, which is a bit of an exhibition on the history and production of cacao and of chocolate. Quite interesting, and they also sell a good chocolate. Later we went again to the central market, and then we went back to the hostel for lunch.

In the afternoon I didn't do much – resting, writing a bit, and not much more... Tomorrow is another day of cycling, to get to Machu Picchu.