Lima: last statistics

Today I did the last statistics of my cycling tour through Latin America. Unfortunately, the map is not 100% correct, due to bugs in (or in cloudmade's version). There are two main errors in the map:

1) From Cusco I did take a slightly longer route to Ollantaytambo, via Pisac. However, routing via Pisac does not work for some reason on Cloudmade.

2) From Abancay to Nasca I took the bus. But the bus did not take the route via Ayacucho, but the direct route to Nasca. Again, for some reason this doesn't work on Cloudmade.

See larger map

Since La Paz - my last statistics - I did about another 1228km by bicycle, and about 450km by bus (La Paz-Copacabana and Abancay-Nazca, the latter one wrong on the map). This brings my total cycling distance up to 4352km. I probably did a few kilometres more, as the map is not always correct. In any case, not a bad result. Below is a map of the complete route from Buenos Aires to Lima. The GPX file is available here.

(Map: GPS-Track created using, imported into Marble Desktop Globe, and exported as jpg image)

The bicycle is now packed up ready for the flight to Madrid, so I won't add more kilometres here in Lima. But then, I will cycle more in Europe before I get back to the UK.