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Cycling in Latin America

Buenos Aires - off we go

On 1 January early in the afternoon I went to Heathrow airport to check in for my flight. After I had been unable to get anything in writing from Alitalia about their bicycle policy, and contradictory statements from their customer "services" helpline (I called them four times in total), everything went extremely smoothly.

Cycling in Spain

No, this wasn't yet Latin America, but cycling in Spain is also fun. In July 2012 I cycled from Santander to Segovia, and then via a different route back to Santander. It was fun, and although it wasn't yet Latin America, I had some amazing landscapes.

Cycling in Latin America

This might sound a bit like a mad plan: by bicycle from Buenos Aires in Argentina to Bogota in Colombia. According to the Cloudmade routing service (see below), it's just 8676km. Quite a challenge, and an adventure!


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