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Cycling in Latin America

Quebrada de la Luna to Quilino

La Falda to La Quebrada de la Luna

Villa Carlos Paz to La Falda

Alta Gracia to Villa Carlos Paz

Córdoba to Alta Gracia

Today I left Córdoba and went to Alta Gracia, where Ernesto Che Guevara lived during his youth. The way there was hard – not because of the distance, because that was only 38km, but because the way was mostly almost on a motorway.


Las Varillas to Villa del Rosario

San Francisco to Las Varillas

Rafaela to San Francisco

Today I went from Rafaela to San Francisco, on the RN19 from Santa Fe to Córdoba. As always, I left early, and continued on Ruta Provincial 70 for another 40km, until the junction with Ruta Provincial 22. There was little traffic, and I could really enjoy cycling on this road.


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by Dr. Radut