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Cycling in Latin America

Don Matias – Yarumal – Tarazá

On Monday, 15th August, I left Don Matias early. At the beginning it was raining lightly, but the rain soon stopped. It was a day with clouds and sun, and more sun in the afternoon. After the ascend to Don Matias the day before I thought that I wouldn’t need to climb up much any more, but now I’m not so sure. At the beginning I had to climb up to about 2900m, with a steeper and harder ascend at the beginning, and later it got easier. The landscape was wonderful. But my legs were a little bit tired after the climb the day before – and the second day is always the hardest...

Medellín – and the beginning of my cycling trip

I arrived to Medellín on Wednesday, 9th August, in the evening. There was a large queue in front of immigration, but once through the luggage was already there, including my bicycle. I was a bit worried about how to find a taxi big enough for me and my bicycle, but in the end that wasn’t a problem at all. Soon I was on my way to Medellín, where I stayed with a friend. I was very tired, and couldn’t be bothered to do anything with the bike. We talked a bit, and I went to bed early.

July 2016: Cycling from Bilbao to Manresa

In July 2016 I did a cycling trip from Bilbao to Manresa - a total of 760km. In this blog entry I share the route and some photos.

Note: there is an error in the track - I did not climb up to more than 1900m. This point of the track is for some reason wrong.



9 July 2016: Ermua - Tolosa

Lima: last statistics

Today I did the last statistics of my cycling tour through Latin America.


I left Paracas on Sunday, 21 April, for the last stretch up to Lima. On the first day I had some problems with my bicycle.

Ballestas Islands – Paracas National Park

Yesterday I finally went to the Ballestas Islands. We left at 8am with a speed boat, as the islands are about 24km from Paracas.

Palpa – Ica – Paracas

On Tuesday, 16 April, I continued my way in the direction of the Pacific ocean.

Abancay – Nazca – Palpa

After more than three months I finally got caught out by diarrhoea in Abancay. Because of this I decided to take the bus from Abancay to Nazca the following night.

Limatambo – Abancay

The second part of the way from Ollantaytambo to Abancay was harder. From Limatambo I first went further down – to 1800m.

Ollantaytambo – Limatambo

After Machu Picchu I had a rest day in Ollantaytambo. The village is also beautiful, and there are more Inca ruins nearby. But I didn't visit more ruins, but only had some walks, and rested.


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