Ballestas Islands – Paracas National Park

Yesterday I finally went to the Ballestas Islands. We left at 8am with a speed boat, as the islands are about 24km from Paracas. The islands are impressive – or, more correctly – the birds. There are lots of birds on the islands, in large colonies.

We also saw some sea lions, some of them in the water, but the majority on the beach, too far away to take a good photo. They made quite some impressive noise.


After the return I went to the Paracas National Park, along about 10km road through the desert. The Paracas National Park protects an area south of Paracas, partly in the sea, and another part in the desert bordering the sea. There are also a lot of birds (near the sea), and a beautiful natural landscape. I went to a small village with a few restaurants to have lunch, and later I returned to Paracas.

In the evening I had some stomach problems, and didn't eat almost anything. Today in the morning I went to have breakfast in a café at the beach, and later I spent a few hours on the beach until midday. I returned to the hostel to prepare myself some lunch, and rested in the afternoon. For dinner I went to have some pizza.