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Cycling in Latin America

Cafayate to La Viña

Amaicha del Valle to Cafayate

Tafí del Valle to Amaicha del Valle

Monteros to Tafi del Valle

Tucumán to Monteros


Yesterday I cycled almost 90km from San Pedro to Termas de Rio Hondo. The first about 35km of the road were good, and I stopped at a service station shortly before Lamadrid for a break, and to have a lemonade. Then I took the provincial road to Las Termas, and even though it was tarmac, at least initially the surface was pretty bad. I wasn't even sure I preferred this before a dirt track. As I don't have a suspension fork, this was pretty hard on my hands.

Frías to San Pedro de Guasayán

Recreo to Frías

Today was a pretty hot day – 41ºC. I left from Recreo at 6:30am, when the temperature was already 26ºC. I was a bit tired from the 120km of the day before, and so I was much slower. I arrived at San Antonio – more or less in the middle between Recreo and Frías, about 36km from Recreo – at about 8:45am, and stopped to have a lemonade. I didn't really do a long break, as I wanted to get to Frías before mid-day.

Quilino to Recreo


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