Cycling in Latin America

Potosí – Oruro

Yesterday I finally left Potosí, after almost a week that I spent there with Potosí as a base for activities. I had asked a lot of people about accommodation options between Potosí and Challapata, and the majority told me that yes there is accommodation in Yocalla (43km from Potosí) and most likely in Ventilla (62km from Yocalla – but with a lot of climbing in between). And so my plan was to first cycle up to Yocalla on the first day, and then to Ventilla on the second day, to Challapata on the third day, and finally from Challapata to Oruro in one or two days.

Potosí – Sucre – Uyuni

During the last week, I had Potosí as a base for activities. From Potosí I did excursions – to Sucre and Uyuni – and I also visited some tourist attractions in Potosí.

Villazon – Tupiza – Potosi


Humahuaca – Abra Pampa – La Quiaca

Yesterday I had a quite hard day – 86km from Humahuaca to Abra Pampa. But the hard bit wasn't really the distance, but the climbing – from Humahuaca, on 2936m, I climbed up to 3780m, and then I went down again to 3484m. Almost all the day I was pedalling at an altitude of more than 3000m – a lot more.

Purmamarca – Tilcara - Humahuaca

San Salvador de Jujuy to Purmamarca

Rest day in San Salvador de Jujuy

Today is a rest day in San Salvador de Jujuy. I slept longer and had breakfast outside in a café, reading a local newspaper. Then I had a walk around town, which was pretty empty on a Sunday morning.

San Salvador de Jujuy



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