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Nonviolence and Power

»The state is a social relationship, a certain way of people relating to one another. It can be destroyed by creating new social relationships; i.e., by people relating to one another differently.«— Gustav Landauer1


My genderqueer manifesto

This genderqueer manifesto is something very personal – it does not pretend to be a collective manifesto, the manifesto of a group or movement. It is mine, and mine only, but nevertheless I make it public because I think that the private is political, and even more so when it comes to the issue of gender.

I define myself as genderqueer, because the binary gender system which only allows me to define myself as man or woman does not suit me. It is a system that is too narrow and rigid, and which excludes human diversity, and which obliges us to define ourselves in terms that do not represent us.

I also make my manifesto public because I am tired of the obligations and pressure related to masculinities that our society has on offer. To publish my manifesto is also an act of liberation and resistance.

Emergency medical support for Colombia conscientious objection and lgbt activist

Salvador talking about nonviolence: http://youtu.be/HWKrdVP860s

Salvador, long-time activist with the conscientious objection group “Quinto Mandamiento” in Barrancabermeja (http://quintomandamiento.wordpress.com/), needs emergency medical support.

Howard Clark (* 6 March 1950, ✝ 28 November 2013)

On 28 November Howard Clark, pacifist, anarchist, chair of War Resisters' International, friend, and so many more things, died unexpected of an heart attack. It is only slowly sinking in that Howard, who has been an important companion during the last 20 years of my life, is no longer with us.

I knew Howard for almost 20 years, since I got involved with War Resisters' International, and I can't really imagine WRI without him.

Synchronising your Android contacts and calendar with KDE and/or Thunderbird without Google

I have been avoiding using a Google account with my Android phone pretty much since I got it, and re-installed my HTC Desire S with Cyanogenmod a while ago. All this worked perfectly, but until recently I had problems syncing my contacts or calendar with my computer (which runs Debian Sid with a KDE desktop). But finally I was able to solve this last problem, since KolabDroid was released on F-Droid.

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